I wanted to meet gay men without going to bars, which wasn’t really my scene

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I wanted to meet gay https://datingranking.net/dominican-chat-room men without going to bars, which wasn’t really my scene The hikers who met on OutdoorLads Paul O’Brien, 42, occupational therapy manager I had been living in Leeds, helping my mum who was very ill with cancer. After she died I moved back to London, and I was looking for ways to meet people and make new friends. After a big life change like that, you want to try different things. I’ve always enjoyed walking and I’d heard that OutdoorLads was a friendly and accepting group. My primary objective wasn’t to meet a date. But when I started I thought, “Well, maybe it could happen.” I think this is better because you meet in real life; it’s not only about looks. Walking alongside someone allows you to have a good chat and find things in common without it feeling forced. Mark and I just met by accident, really. I had become a walk leader after about four or five months. Every month there is a social event for people to meet up after work. You still have to have someone leading it, to welcome new people – and this time that person was me. I remember Mark arriving and thinking, “He looks nice.” He was standing on his own and I went and spoke to him to make him feel welcome. I was hoping he wouldn’t leave without me getting his number and at the end of the evening I made sure we left at the same time. I gave him a quick peck on a traffic island on the middle of the road and hurried off. Then I messaged him via the site. It was almost adolescent. Our first dates involved a lot of visits to parks and cafes, as well as some walks. I thought, “yesterday you weren’t in my life, today you are”, and was open-minded about seeing where it went. […]